Theadwear “Pocket” Gages

4_tpi_foldout_view_110609-300x289Over the past 15 years, Contractors & Industrial Supply has made it our priority to provide not only the highest quality, but also the safest electrode handling equipment available for the use with electric arc furnaces.  We ensure that every item in our product line meets or exceeds American Society Mechanical Engineers safety standards governed by the standard ASME-B30.20 Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices.

Graphite Lift Plugs that sustain damage to the components through excessive wear of the graphite threads can render the lift plugs unsafe for use.  To ensure safe lifting capability, CIS has developed an inspection procedure that focuses on 3 critical areas of the plug: damage to the steel components, damage to the graphite component and wear on the graphite plug threads.

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Just as any chain sling must be inspected by the user before each lift for any deficiencies, the same must be done for all lift plugs (in accordance with ASME B30.20).

The Thread Wear Pocket Gage, is a compact device that the mill worker can easily attach to a karabiner or keep in their pocket.  Used prior to each lift, this device allows the operators to visually determine whether the threads of the lift plug are satisfactory to continue use.