evotorque-2-300x300We’ve proudly teamed with Norbar Torque Tools, Inc., to take torque control to a whole new level!  Norbar adds more than 70 years of torque experience to our team, and together we go beyond electrode torque control to TOTAL torque control…and YOU WIN!

The EvoTorque® 2 is an electronic torque tool designed for accurately applying torque to threaded fasteners. Tools are factory calibrated to ±3% of reading. The unique ‘intelligent joint sensing’ technology continually measures the joint during tightening and, when necessary, employs dynamic braking to avoid torque over-shoot due to motor inertia.


Consequently, EvoTorque® can apply torque accurately over a wide range of joint rates from hard (high torque rate) through to soft (low torque rate). All EvoTorque® tools are highly tolerant of supply voltage and frequency variation. When the tool runs, it will run accurately. If the supply voltage is outside of tolerance then, as a safety feature, the tool will be prevented from starting.

The EvoTorque® 2 has the ability to memorize multiple targets, work IDs, user IDs and readings. The tool has three modes of operation: Torque, Torque and Angle and Torque Audit. The unique Audit Mode is a sophisticated feature for testing pre-tightened bolts with minimal impact on the original fastening torque and can provide quality control data for monitoring joint performance over time.

EvoTorque® 2 uses the same gearbox found on our well-proven PTM series tools, which means the gearbox has a long and well known history, in a variety of demanding markets. Ranges from 100 Nm to 6000 Nm are covered with the 72 mm, 92 mm, and 119 mm gearbox, and the tools are rated for +/- 3% accuracy.

  • USB and Bluetooth® 4.0 data transfer (also called Bluetooth® Smart)
  • Torque and Torque & Angle modes
  • New Audit Torque Mode enables users to check pre-tightened joints
  • Clear indication of successful joint application
  • OLED, color display, clearly visible even in poor lighting
  • 3000 reading memory, time and date stamped
  • Results uploaded in real time
  • Complimentary PC software ‘EvoLog’ for data management and tool configuration
  • 12 user IDs can be downloaded to the tool and results can be stored against individual users
  • Capacity for setting 20 stand-alone targets plus up to 5 work groups on the tool
  • Multiple units of torque measurement including Nm, lb-ft, ft.lb and kgm
  • Easily removable secondary handle for balanced handling of the tool
  • New steel reaction as standard and aluminum reactions as optional accessories
  • Rated to IP44 for dust and water ingress  Each tool is supplied with a traceable calibration certificate