elebia® Automatic Safety Hooks

Safety in the workplace has always been paramount to any industry’s operations.  Within the steel mill, hazards are many, and the potential for accidents is extremely high.  As technologies are continually improving, steelmakers worldwide have been seeking a solution to the safety-latch issue that has plagued our industry from its earliest beginnings. Patented elebia® Automatic Safety Hooks mark the forefront of the solution for this concern.  Offering a 2.5 metric ton (Evo2), 5 metric ton (Evo5), 10 metric ton (Evo10), and 20 metric ton (Evo20), and 25 metric ton (Evo25) Automatic Hook, the Electrode Handling Division of CIS, is proud to be the exclusive distributor of elebia® Automatic Safety Hooks in the United States.

CIS Patented

Please view the related file below to see more information regarding these specialized crane hooks, and check back frequently to see updates to our current product line that will incorporate this new device.  More information about the crane hooks is also available at www.elebia.com.


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elebia® Automatic Hook evo2 Spec Sheet (PDF) 

elebia® Automatic Hook e5-e25 Spec Sheet (PDF)

“We have been utilizing the 10 ton Elebia Auto hook on a remote controlled overhead crane for just over 2 years in our shop. The Elebia Auto hook now allows the operators to line up the hook and lifting bail with the powerful attached magnet and this speeds up their “fishing” process tremendously.

The remote controlled engagement of the hook with safety latch has been indispensable from a safety stand point ensuring the load cannot slip out and fall. I can confidently say every operator in our shop prefers the use of the Elebia Auto hook and the security the Elebia hook provides.

Thank you Elebia for introducing your Automatic Hook and your commitment to making our jobs safer.”

Alan Sutliff, LMF Manager, ArcelorMittal Steel – Indiana Harbor
“Things are going really well with the Elebia safety hooks we have. The guys love them out in the shop and we have seen an efficiency increase while decreasing our safety risks.”
Adam Hichens, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Forum Energy Technology