CIS Electrode Handling Exhibiting at AISTech2017 in Nashville

MAY 8-11, 2017

AISTech2017We are exhibiting at the AISTech2017 and can’t wait to say hello, find out what’s new with you and tell you about several new and exciting things happening at CIS Electrode Handling.  We look forward to seeing you there!

More than 8,000 people are expected to attend AISTech 2017. Along with over 500 exhibiting companies, AISTech 2017 allows you to meet face-to-face with key individuals involved in the production and processing of iron and steel.

Make the investment in your career to expand your knowledge base and international networks and attend Steel’s Premier Technology Event.

We’ve teamed with Norbar Torque Tools and YOU Win!

October 13, 2016
We’ve proudly teamed with Norbar Torque Tools, Inc., to take torque control to a whole new level!  Norbar adds more than 70 years of torque experience to our team, and together we go beyond electrode torque control to TOTAL torque control…and YOU WIN!


The EvoTorque® 2 is an electronic torque tool designed for accurately applying torque to threaded fasteners. Tools are factory calibrated to ±3% of reading.

The unique ‘intelligent joint sensing’ technology continually measures the joint during tightening and, when necessary, employs dynamic braking to avoid torque over-shoot due to motor inertia. Consequently, EvoTorque® can apply torque accurately over a wide range of joint rates from hard (high torque rate) through to soft (low torque rate).

The EvoTorque® 2 has the ability to memorize multiple targets, work IDs, user IDs and readings. The tool has three modes of operation: Torque, Torque and Angle and Torque Audit. The unique Audit Mode is a sophisticated feature for testing pre-tightened bolts with minimal impact on the original fastening torque and can provide quality control data for monitoring joint performance over time.

To introduce you to this excellent product, please place your order for EvoTorque® 2 before October 31st and receive a 20% discount.  Read more about this valuable tool.

Take advantage of this opportunity now!  CLICK HERE to order or email me at  We’re certain we can help you improve quality, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Elebia® Automatic Safety Hooks September Offer

August 29, 2016 – Within the steel mill hazards are many and the potential for accidents is extremely high.

As technologies are continually improving, steelmakers worldwide have been seeking a solution to the safety-latch issue that has plagued our industry from its earliest beginnings. Elebia® Evo Automatic Safety Hooks mark the forefront of the solution for this concern.  We offer a 5 metric ton (Evo5), 10 metric ton (Evo10), and 20 metric ton (Evo20) Auto-Hook.

Read what Alan Sutliff, LMF Engineer at ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor says about this great Elebia product:

“We have been utilizing the 10 ton Elebia Auto hook on a remote controlled overhead crane for just over 2 years in our shop. The Elebia Auto hook now allows the operators to line up the hook and lifting bail with the powerful attached magnet and this speeds up their “fishing” process tremendously.

The remote controlled engagement of the hook with safety latch has been indispensable from a safety stand point ensuring the load cannot slip out and fall. I can confidently say every operator in our shop prefers the use of the Elebia Auto hook and the security the Elebia hook provides.

Thank you Elebia for introducing your Automatic Hook and your commitment to making our jobs safer.”

To introduce you to this wonderful product and thank those of you who already have them, please place your order for Elebia® Automatic Safety Hooks before September 30th and receive a 20% discount.   Take advantage of this opportunity now!  CLICK HERE to order or email me at    We’re confident you will improve plant efficiency and safety.

Electrode Handling Division of CIS Receives Patent for Torque Indicator

August 8, 2016 – We’re celebrating our most recent patent approval on our Electrode Torque Indicator by offering a discount through August 31st!

We are proud to announce the latest US Patent we were awarded for our Torque Indicator on the Spinning Hydraulic Torque Device.  This is the only independent Torque Indicator in the world that when installed on an off-furnace Torque Device gives the actual torque value.  This is NOT a theoretical value that is displayed in foot pounds or newton meters.

The Torque Indicator is designed to give an independent torque value on each electrode addition.  The system is fully independent of the hydraulic system, requires 110VAC power, and the visual display is 1/8 DIN digital readout of ft/lbs.  Additionally, this device can be installed on both new and most older Torque Device models.

To celebrate the receipt of our new patent, you will receive a 10% discount on your Torque Indicator if you place your order on or before August 31st.  Take advantage of this opportunity now!  CLICK HERE to order this outstanding patented option for the electrode torque device.  Or email Brian Richie at

Electrode Handling Division offers 15% discount on all sizes of ASW!

Spinner WrenchJuly 18, 2016 – For years, the industry has been asking how to get away from using a chain wrench.  CIS listened and developed the Aluminum Spinner Wrench
for this specific application.

Our Aluminum Spinner Wrench (ASW) has a C-Shaped head with 4140 steel gripping teeth designed to spin down a new electrode to a spent electrode column.  This wrench is a safe, light-weight alternative to a chain wrench.  For years, the industry has been asking how to get away from using a chain wrench.  CIS listened and developed the ASW for this specific application.
CIS is offering a 15% discount on all sizes of the Aluminum Spinner Wrench for orders placed by July 31st.  This wrench is currently being used at three (3) mills in the USA with great success!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to try the next level of safe products from CIS.  CLICK HERE to order this outstanding electrode addition tool!

Electrode Handling Division of CIS launches new responsive website!

Electrode Handling homeJune 27, 2016 – Our new site is brighter, images are larger, information easier to access, and our products easier to find.  This device-friendly site means you will be able to easily view the site on any device you choose.

We’ve also added a translation feature that allows visitors to choose a language and the site quickly morphs to the language of their choice, either Spanish, Italian or Portuguese.

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