Metal Lift Plugs

metalliftplugacap no backgndThreaded-stem metal lift plugs are used to add graphite electrodes or electrode columns to and from electric arc furnaces. The most common designs are the threaded-stem lift plugs for tapered sockets and the threaded-stem lift caps for male/female joint systems. All threaded-stem metal lift plugs and lift caps are machined from metal castings or appropriate sized burnouts. Machining tolerances are governed by the National Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and equivalent international machining standards.

All aspects of the lift plugs including design, manufacturing standards, use, and disposal follow NEMA CG3.1-1996 and ASME B30.2 standards. Just like our graphite lift plugs, all threaded-stem metal lift plugs are proof-tested to 125% of their rated capacity or otherwise up to 200% as may be required by a particular country’s design standards and are certified with a specific serial number for traceability.

Warning  Safety Note: Aluminum Style Lift Plugs CANNOT Be Used To Remove Hot Electrodes!