Graphite Lift Plugs

Graphite Lift Plugs 53-139x300NEW Plate Bail Design 132-136x300Graphite Lift Plugs are used for the transfer of graphite electrodes or electrode columns to and from electric arc furnaces. We supply Graphite Lift Plugs ranging from 6.975″ used with 12″ diameter electrodes up to 17″ lift plugs used with 32″ diameter electrodes. Over the years, we have developed and engineered a wide variety of these lifting devices to accommodate a number of critical issues facing many mills, such as headroom tolerances, over-sized crane hooks, etc. Because these devices are classified as overhead lifting devices, they have been designed and engineered to meet or exceed the most current ANSI/ASME B30.20 codes.

Plate Bail Graphite Lift Plugs are a bit heavier than the old round stock bails. Please see the Graphite Lift Plugs weights and new part numbers spreadsheet for your Graphite Lift Plugs.

All Graphite Lift Plugs are proof-tested by a certified calibrated hydraulic testing machine to 125% of the individual lift plugs rated capacity or otherwise up to 200% as may be required by a particular country’s design standards. Each Graphite Lift Plug is then identified with its’ part number, vertical rated capacity, weight, proof-test date and specific serial number for traceability.

All Graphite Lift Plugs are then packed in custom packaging and banded to wooden pallets to eliminate damage during transit. When you purchase one of our Graphite Lift Plugs, you can be assured that you are purchasing a certified OSHA and/or internationally recognized compliant lifting device to safely handle your electrodes.