Torque Devices

The performance and efficiency of your electrode column is only as good as the joint between the electrodes. An improperly torqued electrode is limited in its ability to effectively transfer energy, which results not only in less production, but also a faster rate of consumption for the electrode. Our Hydraulic Torque Device is patented and ensures a proper joint each and every time.

Available Options

  • Torque Flange Indicator (U)

This feature is designed to give an independent torque value on each electrode addition.  The system is fully independent of the hydraulic system and requires 110VAC power.  The display is 1/8din digital readout of ft/lbs. Also, this device can be installed on most of our previous Torque Device models.

CIS Patent 9383278 wo #
U.S. Patent No. 9,383,278 

Torque Flange Incicator


  • Blowout Nozzles

Blowout NozzleThese blowout nozzles are located under the Torque Device and are activated by a lever.  High Powered Nozzles are precisely located and positioned to blow off the end face of the spent column, blow out the electrode socket and nipple during the electrode addition process.  U.S. Patent No. 9,844,104

CIS Patented

  • Graphite Lift Plug Removal Tool (V)

This option is designed to manually insert a bar in between the Graphite Lift Plug so you can push the operational lever in the retract position to loosen the Graphite Lift Plug without having to bend over and do this by hand. This Tool can be installed on any current or new Spinning Hydraulic Torque Device by modifying the internal components.

Manufacturer’s Recommended Torque Values