NO TOUCH® Equipment

New No Touch® Raise & Lower Torque Device (NTS)

This patented device is one of three (3) No Touch® tools that make up the complete No Touch® Electrode Addition System. This built to order is a complete electrode assembly station with eccentric locking device and internal gripping teeth to prevent rotation of column during critical stages of the jointing process. This device allows the user to use a pincer/tong to deposit a spent electrode column, suspend the electrode column, add a new electrode by setting the gap, raise the Spinning Hydraulic Torque Device, automatically spinning down the new electrode, and then torque the electrode to the manufacturer’s recommended torque values all by using a couple of control levers.

CIS Patented

Available Options for the No Touch® Raise & Lower Torque Device

  • Torque Flange Indicator (U)

This feature is designed to give an independent torque value on each electrode addition. The system is fully independent of the hydraulic system and requires 110VAC power. The display is 1/8din digital readout of ft/lbs. Also, this device can be installed on most of our previous Torque Device models.
CIS Patent 9383278 wo #
U.S. Patent No. 9,383,278

  • Blowout Nozzles (W)

Blowout NozzleThese blowout nozzles are located under the Torque Device and are activated by a lever. High Powered Nozzles are precisely located and positioned to blow off the end face of the spent column, blow out the electrode socket and nipple during the electrode addition process.  U. S. Patent No. 9,844,104

CIS Patented

  • Automatic Wishbone Spacer

Wishbone SpacerThis lever activated automatic wishbone spacer located under the Raise and Lower Torque Device is designed to automatically “set the gap” in the electrode addition process.
CIS Patent Pending 165x60

No Touch® Upender/Tilt Table (NTT)

Tilt Table 300x300 copyThis device includes loading table for electrodes and with escapement so that only one electrode can enter the tilt zone at one time. This device includes a HPU and cylinder for tilting. Also included is an over-center clamp with hydraulic cylinder.
CIS Patent Pending 165x60

No Touch® Vertical Automatic Addition Tong –VAAT (NTV)

VAAT 300x300This device is designed to transport the electrode column in the vertical position to and from the furnace. The eccentric locking device will grip the electrode at the base of the socket and release the electrode once it is in the proper position. This device also has an internal stem that allows the new electrode to spin down at the same thread pitch of the existing electrode column. U.S. Patent No. 9,850,105

CIS Patented

While using this device there will no longer be a need for a Metal Lift Plug (Addition Plug) or Graphite Lift Plug in most cases.

Manufacturer’s Recommended Torque Values