Chain Wrenches

CHAIN WRENCH-(HYBRID)-1Electrode Chain Wrenches were developed and engineered to allow operators to safely tighten an electrode joint. Through years of trial and feedback from various steel mills throughout the country we have developed the wrench you see here. This wrench combines the strength of a precision machined steel head, weight reduction by using high strength chrome-moly tubing for the handle, and safety by adding a bolt type locking mechanism to ensure the chain does not disengage while tightening the electrode joint.

The standard torque wrench handle length is 48″, however a 36″ handle can be provided to allow for tight clearances. Electrode sizes from 10″ through 32″ can be accommodated depending upon your specific needs. These wrenches are also gaining interest of other industries such as deep drilling and subterranean irrigation companies.  Applications of this wrench are quite versatile, and we encourage all enquiries.  Just like all of our equipment, this tool was designed and engineered with the end users safety as our primary objective.

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