Lift Bands

On Furnace Smelting Torque Band 300x300 copyThe On-Furnace Smelter Type Electrode Jointing Device allows for electrode assembly to be accomplished on-furnace while the furnace is operational.  The components of this system allow for a new electrode section to be taken from horizontal to vertical, and flown to the furnace where it can be manually spun-down to meet the existing electrode at the same thread pitch.  Once that is completed, a pneumatic cylinder then initiates torque on the joint meeting the manufacturer’s recommended torque value.

Below is a breakdown of the components and their operational duties:

Lift Assembly
Takes the new electrode section from the horizontal to the vertical and is flown to the furnace.

Manual Turning Band
Allows the operator to manual spin the new electrode section down to meet the existing electrode.  The self-lowering threaded stem allows for the spin-down to be performed at the same thread pitch as the column.

Torqueing Bands
Once the electrode section has been spun-down, the pneumatic torqueing band are positioned on the joint where the operator then initiates the pneumatic device; torqueing the electrodes against each other.